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Welcome to KythCare

KythCare - Kytherian Aged Care Services Limited goal is to serve the needs of the elderly and frail. Our primary focus will be to provide services which:

  • Promote and support independence
  • Are person centred - i.e. each person is unique and different and will have different needs
  • Encourage participation in community life
  • Respects the right to privacy, confidentiality and choice
  • Assists those who may be sick, isolated or immobile
  • Provides advocacy or a ‘voice’ if needed
  • Are sensitive to family and cultural needs

With the establishment of KythCare we have taken a giant step towards realising our goals to serve the needs of the elderly and frail in our community. We thank all our members for their generous support to date and we look forward to it continuing with KythCare.

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